South Lewiston has held a long-standing tradition of investing in children’s lives and providing a VBS program that is done well and to the best of our ability. It’s never been about numbers or just getting children through our doors; it’s about building relationships with these children & their families and introducing them to Jesus in a way that will benefit them in future life choices, while providing them with a safe, fun, and loving place to spend their week, here within the walls of SLBC.

The timing of the Coronavirus & the continued uncertainty of the days ahead have caused us to question if we would be able to continue to plan & put together a VBS Bible Camp that could be not only done, but done well, in a way that would be pleasing to the Lord. We also need to take into account all our volunteers who put so much into making VBS a success year after year. After discussion with our church leadership, the decision has been made to postpone SLBC’s VBS Bible Camp until the 2021 year. This was not an easy decision to make; it’s heartbreaking for many that give so generously of their time and resources, as well as to the children. We certainly understand that, which is what has made this decision so difficult.

 With that said, our intention is to continue to be good stewards of the resources the Lord has provided. All supplies and funds that have been given already to VBS will NOT go to waste in any way! All our current supplies will be set aside for next year’s VBS, Rocky Railway, which will be AMAZING!!! Also, we will continue to collect supplies throughout the year, so if you hit those yard sales & see any of the items on the below list, we’d love for you to keep us in mind! (Steamer trunks, suitcases, brown tarps)

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to me at the number below and I would be more than happy to address any concerns or answer any questions for you. We will truly miss seeing all the precious faces this year and look forward to seeing you next year! We thank you so much for your continued support and understanding.