A. Purpose of a Mission's Policy Manual
1. To be able to identify a PLAN for the Mission's Program of SLBC.
2. To ensure consistency and continuity over the course of time and within the change ofComposition of Committee members.
3. To establish criteria that will help determine who and how missionaries are to be supported or how support is curtailed.
4. To make possible the most effective use of resources devoted to missions at SLBC.
5. To inform both members and missionaries about the overall program of missions at SLBC.
B. Relationship to Constitution and Scope of Authority
1. These policies are to be consistent with the Constitution and By-laws of the church.
2. It is intended that these Mission policies be followed. However, these policies are not to become a source of limitation to the effectiveness of the operation of the Missions board when facing exceptional circumstances. Thus the committee should be agreed to any certain action contrary to the policies here in and possibly seek the counsel of the Elder Board
3. Elder board should receive and be asked to affirm this policy manual and be notified of any permanent changes in the policy manual.
4. Responsibility for the review and or revision of the policy manual each year should belong to the Missions Committee.
C. Purpose and Definition of Missions
1. The Biblical basis for a local Church's Mission Program is:
     a. To fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ Matthew 28: 18-20 and Acts 1:8               .
     b. To take responsibility for the practical areas of agency as the arm of God in sending and overseeing world evangelism, church planting, and train­ing of nationals throughout the world. (Acts 13:1-5; 14:21-23)
     c. To proclaim and glorify God to the world. (1 Peter 2:9)
2. The agreement with the Vision Statement of SLBC, but to be involved beyond the local sphere of influence of our community, reaching to people and ministry in a different socio-cultural setting.
D Mission Committee Responsibilities
1. Size and Organization (Article IX Section 2)
     a. At least five members including one Elder and the Missions Treasurer
2. Selection and Length of Terms (Article IX Section2)
3. Officers (Article VIII Section 12: Article IX Section 2)
4. Meetings (Article IX Section 2)
     a. Shall be held monthly.
E. Responsibilities of Members individually and the Committee collectively
1. Of Members;
     a. promoting missions to individuals within the church body
     b. praying for missionaries and missions
     c. desiring to become more aware of mission related news and needs.
2. Of the Committee;
     a. To coordinate Missions Conference
     b. To schedule and provide for missionary presentations, i.e. housing meals, remuneration
     c. To prepare an annual budget for the Missions program at SLBC to be recommended to the church body at the annual meeting
     d. Through the Missions treasurer, to supply the means of accounting of receipts anddisbursement  of money to missionaries and agencies a part of the program
     e. To pray as a Committee for missions and to be actively seeking to educate the different  areas of the church about missions and elicit involvement in the overall missions program where possible
     f. To recruit people of the congregation to consider the ministry of missions and participating in short term mission  service
     g. To keep on file an up to date catalog of materials relating to missionary organizations and missions in general.
A. The Means of Missions Funds Raised 
1. Missions Budget
     a. The missions budget is based upon money given to and designated for Missions through gifts and offerings. The budget is thus determined by taking into account last year's giving, needs of missionaries, and the general status of the overall financial condition of the church.
2. SpecialOfferings/Projects                                     .
     a. Throughout the year special offerings or projects are coordinated by the Missions Committee in order to meet needs or requests related to the Missions Program of the church. Direct offerings or indirect means of soliciting funds are used depending on the nature of the offering or project. In order to maintain coordination within the whole body, the Elders will be informed about such projects or special offerings.
B. Strategy of Support
1.The determination of the make up of the budget as to mission agencies, missionaries, and
levels of support, should be developed from the strategy outlined in this section. The desire is to have a well-rounded missions program that reflects both the biblical principles and God-directed concern of our church.
Therefore in considering a particular ministry, the Mission Committee will evaluate the following aspects of the proposed ministry;
2. The sustainability of the ministry is it well organized, defined and is a budget workable;
3. The scope of the proposed work;
4. The need for the work;
5. Are there any similar or existing ministries actively working in the area under consideration; 
6. General Affiliation
        a. Should be with a mission committee or church acting as the mission committee
          1. The mission board or church should be Bible believing, Fundamental, and Evangelical in position and practice
          2. The SLBC Mission Committee or church should be in agreement with the doctrinal statement of SLBC
               a. The Committee should obtain and review doctrinal and financial statements for evaluating new candidates
7. Candidate Consideration Priorities
     a. Current members of SLBC **
       b. Previous members of SLBC who are now members of another like­ minded Bible believing church 
**(A member of the church refers to a person with a minimum of three years of current active membership, with regular, faithful, church attendance, having exercised spiritual gifts in the ministry of the body, and a positive, on going witness for Jesus Christ with non-believers.)
     c.Non-members who are members of another like-minded Bible believing church. Consideration weighted to people from the New England area;
     d. Type of ministry (church planting, evangelism, education and training, support, staff/administrative position) While it takes every area mentioned to "make disciples of all nations" it should be the goal of the local church to maintain both a priority in the actual winning, nurturing, and training of the lost as well as maintaining a balance of other specialized areas of ministry.
     e. Geographic, Regional, People group. Consideration will be given as to what missionaries are already supported in a specific country and/or region, as well as to reaching previously unreached and little evangelized peoples with no church or scripture in their language.
     f. In conjunction with our Biblical Mandate, SLBC Mission Board will seek to support ministry to Jews.
     g. Association with Conservative Baptist Mission Board, now referred to as World Venture. Since SLBC is a Conservative Baptist Church, we have interest in supporting (CBI) World Venturemissionaries where possible. However, SLBC is not partial to any particular Mission Board, providing that they are Bible Believing, fundamental and Evangelical in both position and practice.
8. Other Related Factors
     a. Personal/FamilylMinistrylField Considerations
          1) size of family
          2) cost of living on the field
          3) schedule in terms of deputation, education, date to leave for the field.
     b. Ongoing relationship with SLBC, i.e. communication and contact both from the field and while on home assignment.
C. Missions and Missionary Giving Beyond the Basic Budget
1. The Missions Committee may- recommend a one time gift to a missionary or Missions agency that is or is not a part of the regular SLBC Missions Family. Guidelines for these funds are found above.
2. Designated gifts for missionaries that are supported by SLBC are to be sent to the mission board of that missionary. Designated gifts given to the church for missionaries not supported by the church are to be, by rule, sent back to the giver to give to the designated missionary.
3. Financial Support for Adults/Young People from SLBC attending Bible, Institute, Bible College, Seminary. It will be the desire of the Missions Committee to propose to the church body to financially support a person, couple, including college age young people who are doing intensive study in the Bible (Bible Institute) and/orpursing training for Pastorate or Missions. The amount of support will be determined by the Missions Committee, understanding that it will be meant to primarily encourage one's pursuance of God's call
     a.  A person, couple, young person will qualify for such support by having been a regular attender or member in good standing at SLBC;
     b. Weighted support is to be given to full-time students, although the Board will consider financial support for part-time students
          1. Fulltime students are eligible for scholarships amounts of not less then $250 and not more then $500 annually. Married full time students will receive additional consideration.
          2. Part-time students are eligible for scholarship amounts of not less then $100 and not more then $250 annually
D. Underbudgeted Giving
1. In the event that giving to the missions program cannot support the budgeted needs of the SLBC missionary family, the following shall apply:
     a.       Individual missionaries may be given priority over organizations;
     b.      The total underbudgeted amount may be subtracted from individuals and organizations in an equal dollar amount.
     c.       Other needs, other considerations, and other areas of the missions budget may be evaluated.
E.     Termination of Support
1. In the event of a need or knowledge of terminating support, the following shall apply:
     a. Valuation should be made in the case of :
          1. Retirement - Missions Committee will look at each retiring missionary on a case by case basis to determine need.  The need will be determined by contacting their Mission Committee and Communicating with the Missionary him/herself. The Committee does agree that based on need we would support on some level.
2. Discovery of Support, evaluation of status should be made yearly by requesting annual financial reports;
3.When a missionary changes fields, responsibility, or mission boards;
4. Personal health problems, family considerations, support problems, educational endeavors;
5. Doctrinal concerns or Mission Board problems;
6.      Extended furlough or Leaves of Absence;
7.      Student has withdrawn from their program of study
A. SLBC to Missionary:
     1. Financial Commitment
     2. Prayer commitment
     3.Communication with missionaries 
          a. personal contact with our missionaries through letters, email, phone calls, visits so that we can know about them and encourage them and know about their special needs and projects.
B. Missionary to SLBC:    
            1. Keep in reasonable contact with us though:
                        a. letters, e-mail, phone calls
                        b .visits when possible when on home assignment
                        c. Acknowledge and update SLBC web site information and photos                
A. We enthusiastically support short-term Kingdom Work. We hope to nurture a love for  Missions and through these guidelines provide a structure for growth.
B. We will support people from SLBC on short term missions projects.
     1. The Mission Board will approve selected destinations and/or projects to be funded annually from  the Mission Budget;
     2. Non Mission Budget funded projects/trips will be encouraged and supported through direct mailings from the candidate to the church. The mailing is to be approved by the Mission Committee or the Pastor. The mailing is to include direct support information to be mailed directly to the sending agency.
     3. To encourage the most church participation, the SLBC Mission Budget will only fund a maximum of two people on a returning trip to the same overseas destination. These 2 people would be considered the ‘core returning’ team. 
C. Money to support these people will come from the missions budget and individual contributions.
          1. We will also support people through prayer and help supply some necessary items for such a trip.
          2. Short-term mission work will be a line item in the annual budget;
          3. The budgeted amount will be divided equally by the number of people traveling;
          4. The Church, as recommended by the Mission Committee will support one destination per year
               a. In so doing the Mission Board will encourage the solicitation of any additional funds needed from the church body in special offerings;
               b. Preference for the selection of the annual destination will be given to support SLBC Missionaries already in the field.
D. A short term mission candidate must fill out an internship application and be willing
                   to speak to the committee(and possibly the whole church) before and after their trip.
E. To encourage people, under the age of 21 years, in distinguishing a call to overseas Kingdom Work, the SLBC Mission Committee will require the following progression of activities before accepting a request for financial support to an overseas destination;
1.  Participation (minimum of 1 year duration) working in the local church,  in local mission services project such as, The  Root Cellar, Straight Ahead, Hope House, Hope Haven, or programs designated and approved by the SLBC Pastor and/or Youth Pastor;
2.  Participation in one State Side short-term mission trip;
3.  A Recommendation submitted by the SLBC Pastor or Youth Pastor;
4.  A proposed budget reflecting good stewardship of support dollars
5. An essay on the desire and purpose of the overseas trip