South Lewiston Baptist Church enthusiastically supports and seeks to fulfill our Lord's Command to reach out with The Message of His Love and Saving Grace.
     First, we believe we are all Kingdom Workers. When we asked Christ to be the Lord of our life, our allegiance and stewardship belonged to Him and His Kingdom. Christ is always creating in us a new heart, a new purpose, and a new mission for our lives. With this New Life, He charges us with His "Great Commission". In Christ, we are One Body and One Spirit. As citizens of the Kingdom, we are called to act locally as well as globally. We need to be actively looking for the place of service that Christ will open to us. He promises to equip us with all we need to serve Him. He is The Faithful One.
     Second, our members contribute to our Faith-Promise Program in giving specifically designated to the Missions Budget of SLBC. This budget is separate from the general operating budget of the church and requires identification on the gift. The key is everyone doing something. Only monies designated to Kingdom Workers are dispersed to this support. The fiscal year of the OneMission Team begins June 1st of each year. The OneMission Team seeks to support ministries flowing from a Biblical mandate, by evaluating and supporting viable programs, coincident with our constitution and without duplicating resources and/or talents.
     Third, we can all provide the greatest support for our Kingdom Workers, through consistent, specific and intelligent prayer. We ask you to select a team or project to pray for through the year. Finally we can all correspond with our Kingdom Workers. Included are the emails and web sites for further connection to our 'front-line' teams.
Below is information on our Missionaries we support: 
Eric & Lori Brown- Word of Life Northern New England.
Eric and Lori (with children Courtney, Kristyn, and Nate) serve in Maine (Northern New England) to help churches reach and disciple young people for Christ clubs in the local church and events which evangelize.
They now are serving over 25 churches and 52 WOL Clubs in Maine.  
Nate & Ivy Cheeseman- SIL International, Thailand
Nate and Ivy serve with Wycliffe/SIL providing language and research assistants to those doing translation work among unreached people groups without the Word Of God. Nate works out of a local university.
Pastor Nathan & Olive Cherelus – Port-a-Prince, Haiti
Pastor Nathan serves as Pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church and a church planting effort in Canaan (200-300 meeting), which is located outside the city; Olive is administrator of Bethesda Christian Day School, with more than 500 children attending, and of a new school in Canaan.      
Ben & Natalie (Annie & Myriam) Colby- SIM- Liberia/Niger
Ben and Natalie serve in Lofa where they are teaching and discipling Pastors and Church Leaders in a very remote part of Liberia.
Be praying for the Christians to stand strong against the long standing tradition of sending their children to the schools for witchcraft.
Dave & Mary-Ann Cox- Brazil-WOL
Dave and Mary-Ann serve in Brazil at the Word of Life Seminary and in the surrounding area. 
John & Gloria DeCoster (Retired) Fla
John & Gloria continue to serve in their retirement years in the Hispanic church they attend.
John teaches a class each week, helps with men’s bible studies/meetings, and helps the Pastor with visitation. Also ministering in jail ministry with 75 -100 inmates.
Both are struggling with health issues as well.
Good New Jail & Prison Ministry Chaplain Yuri Artjusenkov – Estonia
Yuri is a Estonian National in this former Soviet Union territory, where missionary work is prohibited; however Estonia permits Good News to serve in the prisons, and Yuri is one of these born again chaplains
Pray for continued open doors and open hearts as the Gospel is preached
Mike & Sarah MacWhinnie-Village Mission- Wyalusing, PA
Mike and Sarah are serving at Moxie Community Church to build up the body of believers and reach their rural community for Christ. 
Mark & Karen Marchak- Missions Door-NYC
Mark is the church planting director for urban ministry across the US. This entails survey work for new start-ups and training and gathering church planters for these sites.
In March, Mark will be leading a summit, bringing together  
Church Planting Leaders in Quebec and NYC. Mark asked that we pray for a breakthrough in both of these movements.  
Vincent & Maryam Morgan-Missions Door- NYC-Israel  
Vincent and Maryam are involved in home bible studies that are reaching people including Jewish and Russian peoples.
They maintain their schedule of three bible studies a week one Russian and two English.
Pray for their continued witness and access to the patients at Parker Jewish Institute where they do Bible Study and Worship services.
George & Linda Renner-WorldVenture-Kenya: Nairobi: Africa International Univ.
George and Linda continue to fill a number of positions within the Seminary, the great need for well trained and biblically rooted leader is crucial.
Pray for the Cohort of some 20 D.Min Students as George leads them through their last year of degree work.
Pray for the many graduates who are now serving throughout Africa.
Marvin & Denise Robinson-Missions Door, Rochester NY
Marvin and Denise’s hearts long to see the poor, disadvantaged, and unreached in the Inner City of Rochester hear the Gospel and come to Christ.
Pray for the Spring Banquets to successfully reach more famiies.
Pray for preparation for Summer; Scholarships for children and teens for summer camps, Bible Clubs, outdoor evangelism, work projects, etc.
Marvin leads a bible study with men at the Monroe County Jail.
As they serve at the Rochester Family Mission each week they are able to build relationships with many families including Muslin, and help them with material needs and teaching the Bible.
Root Cellar- Joel Furrow, Director, Lewiston
Joel leads a volunteer team from churches in the region who are seeking to help some of the poorest of the poor in Maine, living in a city block area, hear about Jesus’ love.
This Ministry primarily acts through intentional mentoring relationships with young people and with adults; After School Program for Children and Teens,                   Women's sewing club and Art classes.
There is also needs for office help and other ministry concerns.
Russ & Ramona Simons-WorldVenture-Philippines
Russ serves as International Coordinator IPA (International Partnering Associates)  for training leaders across Africa, Asia, and beyond.
Pray for continued expansion of Mission Coordination to reach the unreached people groups in the world and for the Simon’s as they meet with missions leaders around the world
They have just met with over 800 mission leaders in India to plan strategies for reaching the unreached peoples of the world. 
Wayne & Becky Smith New Tribes    South America
Wayne and Becky have been serving in Columbia at the Bible & Missionary Training Institute there.,
The new semister and school year began in February with a student body of 13 full time students, mostly from Bogota.
Pray for a good start to the schhol year, for the ability to extend a right of way from the road into their property, which would take some zoning help.