Encouragement & Palm Sunday Info

SLBC Family,

      As you might have guessed, we will continue to have a live-stream only service this Sunday, Palm Sunday - April 5.

     We’re so thankful for the love and support being shown within SLBC and to our communities….what a “lighthouse” the church can be in these days - through acts of love and service and words of encouragement. As Pastor reminded us of Hebrews 12:3 yesterday, “consider Him who endured such hostility….so you won’t grow weary and give up.” By His grace,,Let’s keep it going.

      Pslam 40 reminds us to ask the Lord to lift us out of this “muddy clay”… in this case, Covid-19 and all of the consequences, believing that “He will set our feet on a solid rock” once again. In fact, as the Mayors of L/A have asked churches to do something at noon each day to show support and solidarity, let us make noon/12:00pm each day a call to prayer or put a verse on social media to encourage and give hope.

 For His Glory and Our Joy,


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